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Whether you have a six-pack or a soft stomach, midriff-baring evening wear is the trend every girl should be all over. Midriff-baring evening wear is rocking a dress with a crop or a blazer with a cropped top underneath. If you own this properly you will be the hottest, most stylish person at prom or your friend’s birthday. Midriff-baring evening wear also makes it easier to go from day to night. You can wear a cropped dress with cute ankle boots and a jacket out to lunch, then add heels and a clutch to go out to a girls-night dinner with your Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.40.44 AMmom. To find a cute cropped dress I would check out American Apparel or Zara online to find prices under $100.

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Fringe, fringe, fringe. The fabric that haunts the kids who played “dress-up,” or “cowboys and Indians,” when they were little. You may be thinking it is tired and disgusting, but trust me, it is time to get your Daisy Buchanan on. Seen on almost every runway, designers like Emilio Pucci and Prada have incorporated it into a skirt, dress, bag or top. I agree that it can be early 2000’s Paris Hilton-gross if done in the wrong way, but when used right it can be the best part of an outfit. The dress that is really going to turn some heads is going to be one

with fringe at the bottom, adding a little movement and flare. Fringe will be harder to find, since it is more unique of a trend, so I would search the vintage/thrift stores in Kansas City, MO.

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“Florals for spring…groundbreaking!” Meryl Streep sarcastically said in “The Devil Wears Prada.” Yes, we could all go with the obvious oversized flower shorts and shirts when the sun comes out again, but that is way too boring. Floral has been done before and it will be done again. If you want to stand out and be ahead of the trend, bring the gingham pattern out this spring. You may be thinking “Ew, why would I wear the same pattern as my picnic blanket?” but trust me, if you use this pattern in a crop top and a pair of light wash jeans, you will look like a chic Southern queen. You can find gingham tops in various colors at places such as H&M and Urban Outfitters.


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Most boys at East have a typical black suit coat. What you need is a poppin’ statement blazer you can wear to every dance. A statement blazer might have a unique color or pattern such as pinstripes, suede,Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 10.40.57 AM brighter colors and even houndstooth, and is more fitted to your body. A statement blazer is going to help class you up for a Friday night date, rather than resorting to the typical Vineyard Vines button up and pants. To find a statement blazer I think it is worth the extra money, so check out Halls or Nordstroms if you are willing to spend $100 or more. If you are not wanting to spend as much, you can find them at H&M or Topman online under the $100 mark.

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Another Austin Powers-esque, blast-from-the-past item that can be incorporated into different facets of an outfit is suede. Suede is dapper in basically any part of an outfit — shoes, shirts or pants. Adding suede makes your outfit look classier and more expensive since it is such a nice, soft fabric. Buying a suede pair of oxfords is a great way to add the texture into your outfits, or if you want to go the easy route I am sure you can find an old suede shirt in your dad’s closet, or go to some vintage/thrift shops.

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For men’s pattern, you are going to want pleats. I am not talking a pleated button down, because that would just add uncomfortable folds in the shirt. But a nice pleated pair of pants makes your outfit stand out and adds a bit of shape to the look. The basic, straight-legged ironed pant has been worn to dances for too long. This look may seem a little old school, but do it right and it will make your look so much better. Pleated pants are something that can be worn casually every day, or makes your look at a dance go from “boring, un-stylish East guy,” to “guy who cares about how they look, and knows how to dress.” To get the pleated look, check out some thrift stores or American Apparel. If you are wanting pants that are going to last you longer, I would invest in some slacks from Baldwin or J. Crew that would be $70 and up.

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