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Spicing Up Prairie Village

After nearly six-and-a-half months of whispered rumors and hopeful wishes, Lega-C Properties announced that a Chipotle Mexican Grill will make its debut in the Village Shopping Center. By mid-February the ever-popular Mexican joint will occupy the space next to the current Starbucks. This announcement made the Village shopping center 100 percent leased.

With construction starting, the community is looking forward to the newest addition to the Village.

“I go to Chipotle two to three times a week and spend a lot of money there,” senior baseball player Max Sanborn said, “So it’ll be really nice to be able to run by after practice.”

Along with after-practice runs, junior Lauren Blackburn looks forward to spending her senior lunches at Chipotle.

“I’ve heard lots of stories of students being late for class or having to eat in the car on the way back to school because the current locations aren’t as close,” Blackburn said. “So if things work out I’ll be on time to my classes and maybe even be able to eat my burrito there.”

Associate Principal Jeremy Higgins said, “I think the Chipotle just offers a new eating option and I can definitely see myself and the other administrators heading down there for a bite to eat.”

Not only is the burrito joint convenient for East students, but also for local store owners.

“I’m extremely excited for the Chipotle coming in,” owner of the neighboring TCBY, Nancy Bream, said, “I think Chipotle and TCBY really compliment each other, so we’re hoping people will come grab a treat after their burritos.”

Although there is a lot of excitement for the latest edition to the Village, the planning and negotiating going into the Chipotle process was not quick.

Lega-C representative Kylie Stock said the process took nearly six and a half months to complete. The back and forth between the leasing company, the ownership group and Lega-C caused the delay. Finally, Lega-C had to wait to hear back from the Chipotle.

“We had some interest from some other restaurants, but then Chipotle came knocking on the door. It was pretty apparent that even before the Chipotle came to us, the community wanted to see it there,” Stock said. “That’s why it was so interesting because everyone knew a Chipotle was coming but we couldn’t announce it because the lease hadn’t been signed.”

Besides pleasing East students and local company owners, Chipotle is expected to fit the Village’s existing restaurants perfectly.

“We don’t have any fast casual restaurants in the Village, excluding Einstein’s, nor do we have a Mexican restaurant,” Stock Said.”So I think the Chipotle will be a great edition.”

Chipotle had their production plans ready before the lease was signed, and there’s already a dumpster out back for construction work. It seems as though Chipotle has matched the community’s excitement.


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