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Sophomores Choreograph JV Dance Number

Given a rare opportunity, sophomores Sydney Lowe and Melissa Ator were chosen to choreograph the dance performed by the JV Lancer Dancers at today’s game. Any girls on the Drill Team who wished to choreograph the dance for the game against Rockhurst were given the chance to enter a competition in which they would perform their choreography in front of their classmates. A winner would be chosen by the teachers and the team captains.“There were five of us who choreographed,” Lowe said. “[Melissa and I] wanted to do it together because we were afraid of doing it ourselves.”

Lowe and Ator’s dance was chosen for the performance and they began teaching it to their teammates this past Monday. With only a week to learn, the dance had to be kept short and the team had to work hard to have their steps perfected by half time of Friday’s game.The girls described their dance as a “mixture of sassy hip-hop with a ghetto part in the middle.” The dance is to a mash-up of the songs “You’ll Find a Way” from the movie Fame, “This Instant” by Sophia Fresh, and “WOP”. Ator and Lowe both feel as if they have learned a lot from this experience, both about choreographing itself as well as teaching their contemporaries.

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