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Song Review: One Direction’s Latest


Photo credits to MCT Campus

I’m a definite Harry girl, but some fall for Liam, some obsess over Niall and others never stop thinking about Louis. I would marry Harry in a second. I always look so crazy to people when I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed and the ten-plus Harry Styles fan accounts flash pictures of the god on my screen.

I was visiting my brother at college in Denver when my phone lit up with the notification from Spotify at 2 a.m: “Infinity” by One Direction is now available on Spotify.That was Sept. 22. On Oct. 16, their next song “Perfect” was released.

I had already heard the first single, “Drag Me Down,” from their fifth album, Made in the AM. The song blasted through my car speakers after it came out on July 31. It was a hit, breaking the record for the most streamed song in a week with 2.03 million plays and skyrocketing past music records previously held by The Beatles.

The songs that are released as of now are “Drag Me Down,” “Infinity,” “Perfect,” “History” and “End of the Day.” All the tracks express One Direction’s new found style. The band has brought on more of a rock feeling to their music since losing a major member of their band, Zayn Malik, in July.

I have recently felt like they are trying to escape their boyband stereotype. Now that the band is reaching their early twenties, their music has matured and changed.

“Drag Me Down” and “Perfect” are two of my favorites because of their upbeat melodies and way of making me want to belt out the lyrics. The two have been blaring on the radio across the nation, triggering teenage girls to turn the volume all the way up when they come on. They both found a place in my heart along with the earlier One Direction classics: “Steal My Girl”, “18” and so on.

I don’t have a least favorite song, and that’s for sure. All the songs seem to be about lovers and dreamers. I attempted decoding the music immediately, replaying parts of the choruses and reading the lyrics aloud. I needed to find out who Harry was going to rendezvous with.

The songs revealed secrets about the members’ lives outside the media, giving me a special, more intimate view on the boys. I absolutely cannot wait for the remaining Harry Styles love songs to make me cry when the album is set to drop on Nov. 13.

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