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Snack Shack Provides Tasty, Organic Burgers

Snack Shack isn’t your typical old-fashioned diner with Elvis playing in the background or booths lined up against the windows. It’s a family owned burger joint that serves all the burgers and fries you would normally find at Town Topic or Winstead’s, but the difference is that all of their meat is brought to them every morning by Bichelmeyer Meats. This is part of what make this family-owned business a unique diner.

The menu contains a number of burgers, crispy sides, shakes and floats to choose from. From fried mushrooms to the Sassy Burger, this menu is not like any other menu. The family’s items are higher quality than the typical fast food restaurant, just like you could find at a nice bar and grill.

When I first glanced at the menu, the items seemed a little too pricey for just a regular cheeseburger. After an interview with the owners, I learned that the meat was all organic and they cook everything immediately after you order it so all the food is as fresh as it can be. A hamburger without cheese is $5.50, onion rings are $3 and a shake is $4. It seems pointless to buy a meal that you could get for half the price at Winstead’s, but Snack Shack’s burgers aren’t greasy and are made with all organic products.

I went to Snack Shack right before school was over, so I wasn’t craving a large meal. I ordered a cheeseburger. I thought I would get my meal right away but it took between 10 to 12 minutes. This seems like a long time and I could have gone somewhere cheaper and faster, but, let me tell you, this cheeseburger was delicious. It tasted fresher than a burger usually does.

Before going to Snack Shack, I imagined it would look like a an old-fashioned diner, just from what I had heard through the grapevine. When I first walked in, it reminded me of a little sandwich shop. At first, there were only two people when I walked in and as I was eating customers would come in and out of the small burger joint. There aren’t any tables set up to sit at but instead there were counters lined up against the walls and windows. The menu was hung up against the wall, next to the cash register, on a blackboard and all of the items were printed in different colors. It is located in the old Overland Park shops off of Sante Fe, which gives you the small hometown feel. The “shack” in Snack Shack definitely fits the size of this small place.

Looking for a good burger in Kansas City isn’t a hard find because of all restaurants we have in the area. If you are looking for fast food, you could go to Winstead’s or McDonalds. If you are looking for a nice sit down dinner, you could go to BRGR or Blanc Burger. I’m not saying these places don’t compare to Snack Shack but if you are looking for an all organic meal, then this burger joint is the place for you. Now, whenever I am in the mood for a good burger, I go there because I know it will be fresh and I won’t feel like I just ate fast food.

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