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Eastipedia: SM East Seal

The Shawnee Mission East seal is located right outside the Dan Zollars Auditorium. It features a Lancer riding east in the school colors: colombia blue, black, and white. It is about 8 feet wide and 10 feet long and has a banner at the bottom that says “si qua via est,” which means “is on the east side” in Italian.

The seal was a gift to the school from the graduating class of 1964. According to Bob Beachy, a graduate from the class of ‘64, the seal was donated as something to remember the class by. At the time, the graduating class of ‘64 was the largest East had ever had. Beachy also explained that the seal was placed with the tradition that only varsity letter winners or seniors could walk over the seal.

According to Linda Sieck, who attended East in the years of 1978-81, the seal tradition was followed and the underclassmen were afraid to walk on the seal in fear of being hazed by upperclassmen. She also said that they used to protect it from the other team during home basketball games.

Laura Beachy also remembers students respecting the tradition at her time at east in the years of 1991-95. Today, the tradition is seldom known or followed, but there are some students who still believe in upholding the tradition. Senior Tucker Styrkowicz said that he follows the tradition and wishes that more students would respect it too.

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