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Categories Triumphant Against SM South

The SM East Categories team won first place at their competition on Monday, Jan.27.   Taking place at the Indian Creek District Technology Center, the now 3-1 team went head-to-head against SM South’s team.

The group consists of seniors Karl Walter, Kevin Xu, Michelle Lu, Brian Phillips and junior Henry Walter. Every Tuesday afternoon, the upperclassmen meet with their supervisor and coach, science teacher Nathan Southwick, for practice.

“We basically just do a lot of trivia at practice and talk a little bit about strategy,” Phillips said. “It’s really fun if you like trivia.”

The competitions are similar to a game show format in the sense that the teams face a wide variety of questions ranging from academics to general knowledge. The game is divided into two rounds- the first one having questions alternate between teams and the second has questions thrown out for both teams to answer.

Each round has a set time and the team with the most points in the end, wins. There are no prizes for the victors, so most students are just in it for the glory.

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