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Sketching Out the Future


From the time she was four years old, sophomore Caroline Edge’s parents could tell she had an affinity for art.DSC_4520

As soon as she could hold a pencil, she began to draw and create her own art. Each year her work improved, and she began to experiment with different mediums, such as paint and sculpting.

Although her parents both have backgrounds in the arts, her father gravitating towards carpentry-like-

projects and her mom gravitating towards music, her passion has mostly grown and manifested through her own love of creating pieces like sculptures, paintings and sketches.

In her artwork, Edge doesn’t limit herself to a certain style or medium.

“When I paint I tend to be more messy and not as detailed or precise,” Edge said. “But when I’m drawing I tend to be very precise.”

flash imageWhen she sketches she tends to avoid coloring in, primarily sticking with pencil. When she paints she prefers to do more landscape based scenes but doesn’t solely stick to those.

Edge also creates pieces for friends and family. For instance, she recently painted a picture of a friend’s girlfriend who is in the military.

She even recently began to start getting paid for some of her artwork.abstract

“I do usually do it for free though,” Edge said. “I kind of feel weird making people pay for something I’m really good at, but I probably should start doing that more.”

As her high school career continues, she is looking into attending a college that specializes in art to help her further her skills and begin her career as an artist. Although she has attended some informational meetings for certain schools, she isn’t sure yet of where she specifically wants to go. But what she does know is that as of now, she plans on doing more studio time than formal classes in college.

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