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Simply Delicious: Simple Science Juices Review


Photos by Ava Simonsen

With so many restaurants in Kansas City promoting healthy options, it’s hard to filter out what is actually good for me. During my search to cleanse my palate from my constant intake of Chic-fil-a and Chipotle, I came upon Simple Science Juice’s website.

“Fuel your contagiously happy, authentic and fun life. Raw. Organic. Local,” the home page claimed.

Not only did their nicely designed website draw me in but also the story behind their juices. I learned that the founder, Steve Sprangler, created Simple Science Juices after being inspired by his personal health experiences. He used different medications to help relieve symptoms that included allergies, ADHD and asthma. To create a healthier life, he changed his lifestyle and incorporated fresh cold-pressed juices filled with raw vitamins, minerals and nutrients into his daily life. This healthy lifestyle eventually enabled him to eliminate all of his medication, while also increasing his energy, mental clarity and vitality.


Why not try something that could help me stay alert and focused throughout my busy day?

On a Wednesday after a day full of learning about derivatives and skin cells, I drove straight to Overland Park to finally try Simple Science Juices. Since my drive down Metcalf usually consists of views of car dealerships and gas stations, this was not the charming place I was expecting to find. Simple Science Juices is the hidden treasure on Metcalf.

As soon as I walked into the restaurant, my eyes instantly caught sight of the lime green wall with the quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” -Hippocrates painted on across it. Simple Science Juices couldn’t live by this any better.

A large refrigerator stood in the back of the store, filled with dozens of juices. I picked up one of the cold juices and read what it was made of as well as its benefits. Each bottle was nicely packaged with a symbol, similar to elements on the periodic table, to represent the juices name.


I picked out two eight oz. bottles of juice, each costing $5; compared to other juice stores like t.Loft this is on the low end of the price spectrum. The first juice I chose was “Iso” which is filled with pineapple, orange, ginger, turmeric and red cabbage. The label said it was proven to support my digestion, reduce inflammation and fight aging which seemed like only an added bonus. It’s cold, blended fruit flavor filled my mouth, leaving me satisfied and replenished.

Having a strong sweet tooth, the second juice I picked out was “Co” standing for Compound. Compound was made with sweet potato, orange and pineapple: formulated to promote clear skin, provide respiratory support and fight aging. This orange, light juice was packed with flavor. The juice from the orange and pineapple overpowered the drink making it a sweet treat.

Each juice was filled with right around the sweetness of a ripe orange. I finished both feeling refreshed and rejuvenated like I had just taken a long nap.  That re-boost of energy made me feel like I was ready to take on my massive amount of homework.


Before leaving, I was introduced to their crowd-pleasing protein balls. They were explained to me by the cashier as “healthy cookie dough” which, of course, triggered that sweet tooth of mine.  I chose their most popular protein ball, which was filled with coconut flakes, coconut oil and chia seeds. It had a flaky consistency but left a delicious coconut taste in my mouth.  

Simple Science Juices has become my new healthy food haven after learning that it’s not only a refreshing treat, but also an aid to a healthier life. I will be back to satisfy my tastebuds sooner than later. It’s definitely a store I would recommend to anyone looking for a healthy treat.

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