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Sharknado, maybe the best film ever made?

Thats exactly what Alex Lamb said when he finished the film. “In my eyes, it was a masterpiece, a classic of cinema that shouldn’t ever be disregarded in terms of its special effects,” Lamb said. “I would have to say that is was a statement of political disgust with the treatment of women in a facist male pig dominated society,” said former staffer Kat Buchanan “It clearly shows many male dominate characters, getting swallowed up by feminism, and how they can’t contain themselves as their weak ideology is crushed by a more intelligent intellect, in this case, the sharnado”.

Regardless of opinions, critics are raving!

“9/10, one of the best films of the century” – NY Times

“10/10, I almost came… 10 times” – The National Feminism movement

“Ehhh, I thought it was purty good. 2/10” – Maxx Lamb


A screenshot of the film^

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