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Senior Profile: Tyler Armer


Next school year senior Tyler Armer will be leaving the college experience behind. Armer is traveling out of  country to further his dream of one day becoming a director.

“I’ve never been a hard worker when it comes to school stuff.” Armer said. “I work hard when it comes to things I love, like theater.” Armer said. “ I decided I really needed a year off of school and a year to myself and really figure myself out so that when I do go to college, I can do it right.” Armer said.

Armer will be visiting Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya from September to December. He will not be doing anything theater related there, as it’s just more for the experience. Armer will be learning skills that could further his career in theater such as leadership, organization and working with people. He will be staying in different places all around Africa; one week he will stay on a safari and another will be spent in a school.

In the spring Armer plans to go to England to follow his dream of being a director by working under or shadowing a director. In Armer’s spare time he will be exploring other European countries

“I love all my friends but it will be nice to get a fresh start away from them so I can really figure myself out,” Armer said.

Armer made his first debut in a musical in sixth grade. He has loved it ever since.

That following summer he was in Cinderella at Theater in the Park and was Fydeka in Fiddler on the Roof at Stage Right. Armer’s favorite roles include Emmett in Legally Blonde at Stage Right and Julian Marsh in 42nd Street at MTKC.

Armer has not yet decided what he’s doing or where he’s going after he returns but he knows he wants to go into directing. He is hoping that this trip will help him prepare for a future in directing.

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