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Senior Column: Davis Finke


With my last week of senior year finally here, the usual stress of finals and grades has failed to come around. Senioritis is a real disease, or perhaps I should consider it a cure – a cure to the evils that I have succumbed to over these last four years. The stress, AP classes and confusing science lectures that usually fill my schedule were nonexistent this year. My year was the exact opposite.

No longer do I stare at Skyward worrying about my grades, no longer do I spend hours studying for finals. It’s all in the past, and I’m ready for the future. But before I move on from my high school years, I think it would be fun to look back on this ever-so-eventful and life changing senior year. And maybe seeing a day in my amazing life will help you young ones to get past the stress of school.

I wake up every morning around 7 a.m. and hit snooze until about 7:15 a.m. I shove my head under the sink to wash my hair, and then quickly brush my teeth. I throw on a pair of black shorts and a T-shirt pretty much every day so I won’t have to change my clothes for gym class. Then I eat an unhealthy breakfast that my mom makes, usually cinnamon rolls or biscuits, and take off for school.

As I walk through the front doors of East, I give the security guard a head nod – he and I are homies now, since I walk in a few minutes late every day.

When I walk into first hour at about 7:50, I get the usual glare from my teacher, followed by a Skyward notification saying my tardy count in first hour is now up to 35. Then I proceed to sit in class and play, the newest hit game that most students play on their Macs, while my teacher plays a movie for the class.

Second hour is up next – it’s time to watch Game of Thrones. A few kids are playing Call of Duty, but I’m sick of that game. In third hour weights, we all sit around and talk to the coach about softball since he’s the coach. After we have sweet-talked the teacher enough, we go get Chick-fil-a while the underclassman lift for an hour and a half.

Government class is more of the same. We talk about civil liberties, which just turns into a conversation about what police can do to you and how to get out of it. Time for team games, a.k.a. my one hour lunch period. Sixth hour is Harbinger, where my bros watch Netflix and get yelled at by teachers for being too loud in the hall. To top it all off, we watch “School of Rock” in seventh hour – with a fair amount of computer gaming involved. What an amazing senior year, full of stress-free good living.

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