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Selecting Senior Tiles

Kelly Kendall, former Development Chair for the East Fund, saw a wall that consisted of tiles with seniors’ names on them at Blue Valley North High School. The wall sparked her interest, and after pitching the idea as a fundraiser, senior tiles began to sell at East. In the school year of 2013-2014, Kendall sold 300 tiles. Half of the profits go to the East Fund, while the other half go to DeCloud, the service that provides the tiles.

“It gives parents and students an opportunity to support their school and leave a lasting legacy in the halls of East,” the new Development Chair Lisa Kuknke said.

As the end of the year rapidly approaches, tiles are on sale once again to allow seniors to have a more permanent mark in the East building. To purchase a tile, seniors must print off and fill out a form that can be found at One tile can be bought for $35, though a second tile to keep at home can be purchased for $25. To receive this pricing, forms must be turned in to the front office or mailed to Kuhnke before March 6th. Her address can be found on the form. After that date, tiles will be $45, and on March 13th all orders will be final.

Seniors can select a phrase of one or two lines with 20 characters maximum on each line as well as one or two designs of their choosing, such as a sport, an art program and more. Students don’t have to choose any artwork, but choices can be found on the second page of the form. If the artwork wanted isn’t found or if there are any further questions, students can contact

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