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Second Annual Lancer-Q Fails to Generate as Much Money as Last Year

Yesterday, students and parents descended upon the senior lot, mostly in groups of one or two between the hours of eleven and noon for the Second Annual Student Council Lancer-Q barbecuing competition. The groups of two were mainly parents of team members; the singles were mainly friends.

Of the eight teams participating, six were made up entirely of members of StuCo–each class, as well as the council’s Executive Board were required to form a team. The teams entered at least one of five categories that included “beef,” “pork,” “chicken,” “ribs” or “open.” Each team that participated this year was required to pay a $10 entry fee for each category that they entered on top of the money that they had spent on their supplies. The dozen or so tasters that came paid a $5 “tasting fee.” All 288 dollars in proceeds from the entry and tasting fees will go to the Johnson County Christmas Bureau to help with their annual Can Drive.

Last year, the first year of the Lancer-Q, eight teams participated with only one being made up entirely of StuCo members and the event generated $417. The idea came from now Junior Joe Simmons, who was inspired by the American Royal’s barbecue competition.

According to last year’s Executive Board President Logan Heley, the time from initial idea to the barbecue was about one month. There was no entry fee for teams and the event occurred on a colder day in late November. Heley attributes last year’s success to the Executive Board having targeted specific student organizations including the Band and students who participated in the Broadmoar Culinary Arts Program to form teams.

“The big reason we were so successful last year was the commitment of the Execs,” Heley said “We were committed because we thought that it would become a great East tradition.”

According to Executive Board President Senior Carolyn Welter, the decision to mandate the formation of StuCo teams came as a result of a lack of outside interest. Welter doesn’t think that a Barbecue competition is the best idea for a fundraiser because of the difficulty in generating interest.

Heley, now a Freshman at the University of Southern California, believes that if the Lancer-Q is well organized in the future, it could become a great tradition and could greatly benefit not only East, but the Johnson County Christmas Bureau.

Although the turnout wasn’t as high as he expected, the leader of one of the two non-StuCo teams, Senior Luke Flemming still believes that the atmosphere in the parking lot was good.

“Really, it’s just great coming out here,” Flemming said “You don’t sleep, and you’re with all your friends and you have the food to top it all off!”

Winning Teams
Chicken-Doctor Frankenswine
Ribs-Doctor Frankenswine
Beef-Sizzlin’ Sophomores
Pork-Bill Skukrud
Open-Smokin’ Seniors

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