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School Board Meeting Recap: 2/22

The Board of Education discussed new signs for the library, replacements for HVAC equipment and additions to the fire alarm system at East during the district board meeting on Monday.

The meeting was split into two parts: an open forum for parents or students to appeal to the board and voice concerns, and a reading of purchases and expenses by the board.

During the open forum, seniors and Student Council representatives Kyle Baker, Sara Nestler, Taylor Sawalich, and Laurell Stegelman called for a new sign labeled “library” to be hung outside the library. The steel sign, which came from Mission Valley after it was closed, has not been used since and looks similar to other signs outside of the school. The seniors’ request to hang the sign was denied when they brought it to the school administration, so they attended the meeting to present the idea to the board.

“[STUCO believes the library] deserves as equal recognition as the gymnasium, performing art center and school itself,” senior Laurell Stegelman said.

After the public forum, new changes to East were mentioned two times during the consent to action of Energy Conservation Services and the consent to action of Secure Building Packages.

The main changes discussed were regarding the replacement and refurbishing of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at East. The changes are being implemented in the classroom wing, which holds 56 of East’s 73 classrooms. Some of the important changes include removing 20-year-old air handling units, replacing certain classroom ceilings and installing new hallway lights. Similar upgrades to HVAC equipment are being made to 16 other schools in the district. These replacements and refurbishments will cost a total of $8.7 million.

The other changes discussed were about the addition of Secure Building Packages by Excel Constructors. The packages include an installation of a fire alarm in the elevator and a reconfiguration of the sidewalk in the cafeteria courtyard, both of which are city requirements.  The total cost of both additions is $29,141.

The next board meeting is scheduled for March 28 at the McEachen Administrative Center. The meeting will start at 7 pm and will be open to the public.

“Agendas are published in advance to notify the community of topics under consideration,” board member Sara Goodburn said. “Patron comments are welcome but those wishing to speak to an issue not included in the agenda will not usually receive a response during the meeting.”

To discuss an issue, parents or students are urged to contact the board members by writing them at 7235 Antioch Road, Shawnee Mission, KS 66204.

View the live stream of the board meeting below or read the meeting minutes here.

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