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Roles Announced For Spring Play

Senior Maddie Roberts was a lead roll in The Children's Hour, playing a teacher at an all girls school. This year’s Spring play, “Eurydice,” is a modern take on the classic greek myth “The Tale of Orpheus,” that will take place April 9-11 in the little theater. The leads for Eurydice were announced on Thurs. Feb 20, after auditions were held the day before, and the cast had their first read through of the script yesterday after school.

This retelling of the myth, written by Sarah Ruhl, is adapted to be told from the perspective of Eurydice, Orpheus’ wife. The language is modern, and the plot unfolds as the newlyweds are plunged into tragedy. Eurydice is bitten by a poisonous snake, and her spirit is taken to the underworld. Orpheus makes a deal with Hades that he can take Eurydice back to Earth with him on the condition, that he could not look back at her as he leaves, or she would have to return to the underworld forever.

The female lead of Eurydice will be played by senior Maddie Roberts, and the male lead of Orpheus played by junior Austin Dalgleish, the same leads who played Shrek and Fiona in the winter musical.

“[Austin] is like one of my best friends, so it’s so fun,” Roberts said. “He is so talented, so he makes it really easy to work together. I think neither of us were expecting [to be leads together again], but it’s kind of fun to be like Shrek and Fiona part two.”

According to theater teacher and technical director of the play Tim DeFeo, the play tackles difficult concepts such as love, loss and desire.

“It is a weird world that you’re in [in Eurydice],” DeFeo said. “We’re dealing with dream states and hell, passionate love, and then all sorts of mischievousness that Hades is doing. It’s not exactly like a Hercules Disney version.”

According to student director Katie Sgroi, the play is unique from other productions in the past because it will take place in the little theater that seats 100 as opposed to the auditorium that seats 900. This was done to give the show a more intimate feel, that matches the small nine person cast, and the overall “vulnerability” of the play, Roberts said.

The play will run Wednesday through Saturday April 9-11, so despite the limited occupancy of the little theater, Dalgleish believes the four showtimes will not affect the turnout for “Eurydice.”

The following nine students were cast in the show:

Maddie Roberts — Eurydice
Austin Dalgleish — Orpheus
Malcolm Gibbs — Father
Bridgette Beasley — Little Stone
Abby Cramer — Loud Stone
Carlie Smith — Big Stone
Mack Rehm — An Interesting Man/A Child
Merit Christensen — Grandmother
Catherine Beasley — Old Woman

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