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River Project Drawing Near

The date for the Creative Co Lab, also known as The River Project, is drawing nearer as students are on the home stretch to finishing their projects. The Creative Co Lab will be taking place on Thursday, May 1 at at the Healthy Rivers Partenership offices.

The River Project was designed by Adam Finkelston, the AP/IB studio art teacher, to benefit a cause, The Healthy Rivers Partenership, and at the same time give artisists a unique opportunity to share and collaborate projects they began last spring. The River Project is open to any sophomore and junior art students who are interested across the district, and they will be presenting a wide range of media to professionals who will provide expertise.

“[Artists] need to be able to think in different modes, and collaborate with other people and integrate their ideas and methods into what your creating: creative collaboration and multi-disciplinary problem solving,” IB/AP studio art teacher Adam Finkelston said.

Along with the art being displayed at the River Project event, a wide range of genres will be presented as well.

“The exhibition might contain science related or technology, or engineering, mathematics related projects, that can be exhibited,” Finkelston said. “Students meet with professionals in the arts, both visual and performing arts, also architects. So, students learn from those professionals how they collaborate with other people.”

According to Finkelston, the students get the unique experience of getting to work with the BNIM architect group, Kansas City Design Center, Quixotic, and some independent artists: photographer Keving Sisemore and writer Dave Macaulay, to give students professional insight into the intersection of art and science.

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