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Review: Pizzeria Locale


Being an avid Chipotle fan, one would know about the new pizza place that Chipotle has partnered with. Often called the “Chipotle Pizza Place”, Pizzeria Locale opened in Waldo in July. On the outside, the pizzeria looks DSC_0029modern and unique, but the food was nothing special.

As soon as my friend and I walked in, the employees welcomed us and started helping us right away. We took a look at the menu, which included ten classic pizzas, options for build-your-own pizzas, salads and sides. We ordered a Margherita pizza, a Diavola pizza and an Antica salad at the counter. There was a bar with a ton of different toppings for the build-your-own pizzas.

After we ordered, we had trouble finding a seat. There were stools by the window, but they were extremely uncomfortable. We moved to a table after other people left. There definitely wasn’t enough comfortable seating for a large crowd.

Other than that, the decorations were great and gave off a modern New York vibe. The countertops were white marble and there were wooden tables for people to eat at too. There was a lot of natural light.

We started with the salad, which had greens, tomatoes and parmesan cheese. It was fine, but a little bland. It DSC_0016looked like a bag of the mixed lettuce anyone can buy at the grocery store tossed with a handful of tomatoes and a cup of dressing. It came with a piece of bread that looked delicious, but tasted a little like smoke, which came in handy for soaking up all the leftover olive oil dressing.

The service was fast, so the pizza came out quickly. We were really impressed by this, but when we saw how the pizzas were cooked, we thought they had rushed a little bit. The pizza was burnt on the bottom and the crust was as burnt as the bread that came with the salad.

First, I tried the Diavola pizza, which had sauce, smoked mozzarella, pepperoni, basil and chili flakes. Most of it tasted good. It had good pepperoni and spices on it, but once in awhile I would take a bite that was extremely spicy. It was also so greasy that the crust got soggy and it left a puddle on the plate.

Then I tried the Margherita pizza with sauce, mozzarella and basil. It did have a really good flavor, but since it had less toppings, we could taste the burnt crust even more. There wasn’t much on the pizza and it was really flimsy; it wasn’t very filling.

While we ate, more people walked in and were welcomed by the employees. One of the employees brought us a couple free dessert samples. They were called Budinos and tasted like amazing caramel Jell-O pudding cups, but even better because they had chocolate and whipped cream. My friend thought they made up for the rest of DSC_0022the food.

The food ended up costing about $17, which I felt was a reasonable price for the amount of food we got.

In all, I thought the restaurant deserved a three out of five stars. The decorations made it feel like a regular kitchen and the employees were welcoming and, more importantly, gave us free dessert. The Diavola pizza was my favorite thing we ordered, but the dessert was the best by far. The downsides were that the pizzas weren’t very filling and there was not enough seating. I think the restaurant would be a great place to eat for people who love Spin style pizza, but it didn’t nearly live up to its partner, Chipotle.

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