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Review of the Best Study Spots in Kansas City

Coffee Girl’s Cafe

Wearing Nike running shorts and blue tank top, I’m walking into a real- life Pinterest board that I don’t belong in. Coffee Girl’s mixes neutrals with bright pops of orange. They even serve drinks in Mason glass jars. Regardless, I find a place in the corner and set my backpack on the orange plastic chair. Orange seems to be a theme here. They have a variety of juices, coffee, espresso and smoothies for your pleasure. Once I start to work on my homework, I notice that it’s loud. Not overly, but being spacious and open, Coffee Girl’s doesn’t provide any sound damping. Between the blender, juicer and other customers, I find myself seeking out the source which is distracting me. Aside from the noise, I am able to get a significant amount done, aided by the abundance of power outlets because I am forever needing to charge something. Coffee Girl’s seems to lend itself better to group projects rather than individual work. It has large tables in the middle and people aren’t afraid to talk. Coffee Girl’s is a better place to bring your friends then to bring your backpack.


Nelson-Atkins Lawn

The early morning sun is shining. I’m laying in the crisp green grass reading Scarlet Letter. I look up and gaze around the sprawling lawn full statues and greenery. Except that I’m reading “The Scarlet Letter”. Which is the most nap inducing book, and I have 30 pages to read plus the study guide questions. Taking the time to go down to the Nelson and study lets me get away, tune out and put my complete focus towards reading. My tan lines may not thank me but my English grade will. Being outside helps keep me focused without getting distracted by a computer, phone or a cat. There isn’t any wifi, and there isn’t a flat surface to write on. Being outside means that the weather does dictate if it’s possible to study there. Regardless, if you’re looking for a zen place to do some work with a bonus hipster vibe; then the lawn or steps of the Nelson Museum is perfect for some quality time get some reading or reviewing done. Remember to bring a blanket and check the weather if you plan on studying here.


Latte Land

“History homework?” asks the barista. I come here enough that the baristas usually know the reason why. Latteland is my go-to spot for everything: coffee, study groups, tutoring and everyday work. There’s a private room for group work and tutoring, plush armchairs to curl up and read in, tables for two and my favorite part, the individual study cubicles. The atmosphere is always relaxing and there is hardly ever a crowd, although I can usually find one of my friends here studying. Even if there aren’t large crowds, finding a spot close enough to an outlet can be a challenge during certain times of the day. Other than that minor setback, it’s easy to accomplish a variety of tasks. Latteland has replaced Starbucks for all my coffee shop needs, with nicer baristas and better coffee.


Plaza Library

I’m in between a homeless man discussing the origins of cancer and its correlation to creation of Christianity, and a couple sharing a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Surprisingly, I’ve gotten so much work done. The public library by the Plaza is the perfect place to get that assignment you’ve put off for weeks knocked out. There are big and small tables scattered throughout, leather armchairs with a panoramic windows offering a view of the Plaza and large tables with individual spots to do work. A major upside to this particular library is that right as you walk in, there’s a coffee shop where you can buy coffee and then take it into the library. I grabbed myself an iced coffee and headed to one of the little circle tables by the large windows that line the East side of the building. The modern architecture and fixtures added to the amount of windows bringing in natural light and created an inviting and bright space. It’s quiet but its not frowned upon if you have to cough. Warning, if you want to use the internet, you will need a username and password. To do that you need a library card. The Plaza library is by far the best place to go if you need to buckle down and get everything done.

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