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Review: KC Picnic Places


It’s finally May, the perfect picnic season in Kansas City. People are starting to realize how close to summer it is, and how nice the weather is getting. It’s time to go out to a grassy lawn with my picnic basket after being trapped inside all winter. The bugs aren’t out and it isn’t sweltering hot yet, so I thought I’d try out some of the classic picnic spots around the city before we get hit with the humid summer Kansas City is known for.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art:

The Nelson is the classic Kansas City picnic spot. The shuttlecocks in the grassy green lawn on a 70 degree afternoon made it a pleasant lunch. The old museum building is a lovely view from the lawn. Because it’s such an iconic picnic area, it can get crowded on Saturday afternoons, but it was well worth it. I saw couples walking along the outdoor art and kids playing in the grass. After lunch, I walked around the museum and burned off the calories from the picnic. But if you aren’t worried about the calories, it’s just a short walk from the Plaza, so you can always walk over to Winstead’s and get a chocolate milkshake for the road.

WWI Memorial:

The ideal picnic spot to enjoy the iconic Kansas City landscape is from the World War One Memorial. The only downside is that it’s such a popular spot that you may struggle to find a place to sit. It’s perfect if you want to catch up on your history and do some post-lunch learning — you can just walk inside the museum to get the full experience at the memorial.  Also, if you’re too lazy to pack a lunch, the memorial is near restaurants you can get take-out from, like pizza from D’Bronx or barbecue from Three Little Pigs.


Ever since I was a little kid, the most exciting thing to do for lunch was to have a picnic. It didn’t have to be a car-ride away because my backyard was right there. Just make a sandwich and grab a drink and a picnic blanket and you’re set. I sat underneath the big tree next to the baby blue flower bed and devoured my BLT and homemade chocolate chip cookies. No purchases necessary, it’s just an excuse to enjoy the nature of your own home. When I sat down, it was relaxing to take in the clean air on my freshly-mowed lawn and listen to kids playing on my street. The picnic in my backyard brought back nostalgic memories of my childhood.

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