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Recap: Football vs. SM North

Recap by Julia Poe:

The touchdown came early in the game, halfway through the second quarter. Junior Wyatt Edmisten found a hole in the middle of the field and sprinted to the end zone. It wasn’t Edmisten’s first — or last — touchdown of the night. But as the scoreboard changed to read 20-6, Edmisten and the Lancers quietly broke the Sunflower League record for points scored in a single season.

With their 62-12 win over SM North, the Lancers also clinched the first perfect season in the program’s history. Senior quarterback Gunnar Englund started the game with a long pass to sophomore Sky Tate, who would score again in the second half. After losing possession on several fumbles, Englund led his team in a rushing attack, and carried the ball in for a touchdown of his own.

Besides two touchdowns scored by Tate and one by senior Alec Dean, the Lancers mainly focused on their rushing game. Edmisten led the team in rushing, supported by junior Mike Bamford and senior Sam Huffman. But although the game was one of the highest scores of the Lancers’ season, with six different players scoring, it was also a game riddled with fumbles and turnovers.

The East defense responded by pressuring sophomore North quarterback Will Schneider, collapsing his pocket and forcing bad passes. Although North scored twice in the first half, the East defense wore down on the North offensive line, giving senior Kyle Ball plenty of time to rope in sacks in the second half.

Meanwhile, senior Charley White anchored the East secondary, which was missing injured safety Will Oakley against the league-leading passing offense. White pulled down two interceptions, shutting down Schneider’s long distance ability.

“The offense played pretty sloppy, especially in the first half,” Englund said. “We turned it over too many times, but the defense, like usual, had our backs and got some of those turnovers back with turnovers of their own.”

Gallery by Allison Stockwell:

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