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Really? You’re Gonna Read My Blog?

Welcome! My name’s Matt Hanson, and if you’re reading this, it’s most likely because your finger slipped on the mouse and erroneously clicked on my blog. Thus, you’re probably wondering:
Who the hell is Matt Hanson?

Why does he look like a rodent?

Who decided that this kid deserved a blog?

Why am I still reading this?

This isn’t the live broadcast…Let me start by informing you that no, you’re not on the right page. If you want to go find the live broadcast, maybe you should check under the live broadcast section. Just a helpful hint. Also, if you’re a student actually reading this on a Friday night instead of supporting your Lancers at a game or doing something else fun, gtfo (get the frick out, for censorship purposes). My blog is not for Friday night viewership. If you want to get on and check it at midnight after a long Friday night, feel free to do so. Just don’t spend a minute of your Friday night reading my blog.

And now, I will introduce myself to the masses of readers reading this at 12:01. I’m Matt Hanson. I’m a junior — yes, a junior, don’t be deceived by my looks — and I’m a staff member of both the online and print editions of the Harbinger. I am co-editor of the new sports section online and I write and copy edit for print. Other than that, I played (or rather sat) freshman B team basketball, and, more importantly, I’m a perennial GABL all-star.I don’t know why I look like a rodent. Probably because I’m so thin and my face is rather gaunt.

I don’t know why I got a blog. I asked for one, and they gave me one. Blame Zoe Brian I guess.

I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do with it. I mean really, what do I have to say that interests any of you people?And I can’t tell you why you’re still reading. Let’s chalk it up to the fact that I’m such a talented writer.

Or maybe because I put italics in the introduction. Psh, it’s a gimmick, I’ll admit that. But if I’ve gotten you to read this far down a page, to take a few minutes out of your busy, busy life and read this crap, then it’s working.
Now let’s just see if I can keep you reading for an entire year…I wouldn’t bet on it.
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Matt Hanson

Matt is a senior and the Head Copy Editor for print. He enjoys the KU Jayhawks, basketball and the Breakfast Club. Read Full »

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