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Q & A with Debbie Katzfey


What are some of the responsibilities that you have as athletic director?

“Well, I oversee all of the athletic programs, and I also do instructional walkthroughs in the classroom. I also help with the community service project, working with SHARE, working with all of the different booster clubs. Really for me, I just want to get involved. That’s why I was really stupid at the [pep assembly] today, and people were like, ‘Who is that lady, and why is she out there?’ but why not?”

What’s your favorite part about working in a high school? “Students. Really. I want people to say ‘Hello!’ I want to talk to them, and make them feel like that they’re a part of the school. You go through high school, and in four short years it’s over. I want people to look back at their high school experience, and I want it to be awesome.”

What are you most looking forward to this year?“I am most looking forward to seeing what I can do to help around here. Seeing what people need, and what I can do to make a difference. And hoping that kids that need things, or struggling in life, or just need a safe place to go will come in here. I worked a lot with the special needs kids, over at all the schools I’ve been at. Before I became an administrator, I taught physical education and adaptive P.E. So, I was very passionate about the special needs kids, and they always came to my office, which is why I always have candy!”

What made you come to East?

Well, I’m very competitive, and Shawnee Mission East is very good at academics and extracurricular activities. And honestly, I retired because I have two kids at college. One at Wichita, one at Arkansas, but I still loved what I did, so I wanted to continue to do it. And why not come to the Kansas side, and to one of the best schools over here.”

So what do you hope to accomplish this year? What would you like to see changed in our program?I don’t know that I want to change anything, [East] already has a lot of great things going. But one of the goals that I have is to get to know you and all the other students, and to get involved in the community. And to just expand on the great things that you already have. One of the things that I’m really passionate about is community service and giving back. I’ve asked the coaches that are currently in season to give me some names of kids that are in their programs that can be on my community service action team.”

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