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Prom Theme Announced


STUCO announced April 13 that the Prom theme for this year will be James Bond: “For Your Eyes Only.” The danceticket v4 (foldable) will be held at Union Station at 9 p.m. May 7. The tickets are $35 each and can be purchased before school, during lunch and after school until May 5, or $70 each at the door.

Juniors on STUCO have been planning Prom this entire school year. Junior STUCO Vice President Peter Haynes said they came up with several different ideas, but ended up encompassing them all into a James Bond theme, originally choosing the movie “Casino Royale.” Later, they decided “For Your Eyes Only” would better fit their ideas.

“When we started designing [“Casino Royale”], we realized we didn’t want any of the casino elements, but more the James Bond, upscale style,” Haynes said. “So, we changed it to a different James Bond movie theme rather than that specific movie.

At the beginning of the year, STUCO joked about making the Homecoming theme “Jurassic Park.” This led to

jurassic prom posterthe juniors on STUCO pranking the STUCO seniors by saying that they actually choose the theme “Jurassic Prom” for this dance. The ongoing joke sparked junior Treasurer Yashi Wang to make a prank poster in order to scare the seniors, though according to Haynes, the prank was mostly to mess with senior Class President Kyle Baker.

“At first I was thinking ‘you’re kidding me’ because they’d been joking about it since the beginning of the year,” senior Class President Kyle Baker said. “Then they switched it to what it really was. I was excited [when I found out about the real theme]. It seems like it’s something fun and different, and we hadn’t done that kind of a theme in a while, so it will be a fun change.”

prom poster v2

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