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Podcast: Art Club Speaker Jordan Carr speaks on Printmaking

Jordan explained how a print needs a consistent pressure and angle for the ink to be applied properly. Here he motions how he pushes the ink rather than pulling it, leaving less strain on his wrists over time. Photo by Annie Lomshek

Every Wednesday Art Club meets, on January 11th Oddities Prints owner Jordan Carr spoke about how he started in printmaking and what starting a printmaking business was like in Kansas City. Click below to listen or check out the gallery from his visit to Art Club here!


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Annie Lomshek

Senior photographer on the Harbinger staff, Annie has worked three years with her peers to produce this publication. Countless times she has gotten messages from the IB group chat in the late hours of the night. Sometimes to share details for an assignment, sometimes finding a roast session, the family always keeps her entertained and on her toes. She is often found crawling around at events trying to get the best angle or in the art wing, preparing for the next ... Read Full »

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