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Pizzabella Fails to Impress

My first impression of Mission Farms’ new restaurant, Pizzabella, was not so impressive. Big modern windows showed off the restaurant’s completely empty room; we were the only ones there.

My mom, my friend and I had gone out for an early dinner at 5:45 on a Monday night, but it was still strange to not have anyone else there, which killed the vibe that the restaurant had.

I could describe the restaurants feel in one word: urban. It was like glam meets an unfinished basement. There were exposed air vents in the ceiling and cement flooring, but there were also beautiful wooden tables, chairs and benches with big brick ovens. My favorite touch is that you could see these big pizza ovens with wood burning inside the kitchen. Unfortunately, the booths were pretty uncomfortable and very bench-like.

We ordered an appetizer of brussel sprouts, which the waitress had told us was their best seller. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice touch the restaurant added to a vegetable that kids are taunted with. Even my friend, who made a gagging face when they came to the table, enjoyed them.

Pizzabella is obviously known for their pizza. All their pizzas were 12 inch, six slices. I’d describe them as a thin pizza with a bubbled crust. The waitress said their two best sellers were the Margarita and Parchuto, so we ordered those. The Margarita was as elegant as pizza could be and was a simple flavor compared to a lot of their other exotic pizza choices they had like Leek, White Anchovy and Roasted Eggplant. I would highly recommend this choice to all the picky eaters going to this restaurant!

The Parchuto was almost exactly like the margarita but with toppings like shaved Parchuto and Arugala. The parchuto on top was not my favorite, I would compare it to a ham jerky, but not as hard to chew. My mom seemed to like it a lot.

In the beverage section of the menu I saw “Little Freshie Sodas.” The waitress described these as fizzy juices made with a fruit flavor and soda shaken up. I tried the raspberry rose flavor. It was alright. I found it somewhat refreshing, but my friend described it a tasting like the smell of an old woman’s rose scented soap.

Overall the experience wasn’t very great. From being awkwardly the only people in there to the food, nothing was worth going back. Nothing was worth going back, especially since its Mission Farms location is far away from where I live. I’d prefer Spin and Pizza 51 instead.

I’d prefer these other choices to go get a fancier pizza, because of the closeness to my house and because, both of those restaurants have amazing salads and a thin pizza, without being too greasy like I found at Pizzabella.

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