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Gallery: Ping Pong Club Prepares to Play SM South


The East ping pong club, led by senior Jack Stevens, is planning to play a tournament against SM South.

Stevens contacted East’s StuCo executives to help him get ahold of South’s StuCo members. South’s StuCo tried to gather a team using social media, but according to Stevens, the response was minimal.

“Currently we are trying to go through [South’s] administration to get a team,” Stevens said. “If that doesn’t work, we are going to just have an East-wide tournament in front of the whole school to show off our skills.”

Ping pong club has the gym reserved on Nov. 11 for their exhibition match.

Senior Jay Anderson, who is currently ranked first on the club’s ladder, is looking forward to the South tournament, if it happens.

“I am excited to play South because I know they would have no chance against our ping power players,” Anderson said. “Being number one on our ladder has really showed me how diverse and skilled my table tennis brothers are. Ping pong is life, and so is beating South. I just want to combine the two.”

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