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Photos of the Semester: Fall 2011

This is a collection of some of the best photos from first semester supplemented with an explanation of the shot from the photographer.

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The video announcements are a new addition to our school’s technology regiment. Students in Radio and TV write short scripts for announcements which are aired every Friday–a task not easily accomplished. They film them the Thursday before they air, making that day fairly stressful. This photo shows the two anchors, Chandler Pruneau and Maddie Connelly, double checking their appearances before  filming. The great part about this image is that it shows both of their personalities in this one split second. You can tell exactly how these people are in real life just by looking at this photo. That’s the power of photographs. -Grant Kendall
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The first car wash that I shot was the choir car wash.  I started off by taking pictures from behind the cars and then made my way closer to the people car washers.  After taking pictures of them getting into a soap fight, I decided to try a new perspective and shoot while getting my car washed.  Everybody shoots the behind-the-scenes action of the kids washing the cars, but actually being in the  process gave my picture a very unique look.  -Hiba Akhtar 
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The game was over, we had defeated SM North once again, becoming Nut Cup champs. Another photographer and myself decided to go into the locker room knowing the team would be emotional and excited. I got in there and it was crazy. I saw an empty bench so I jumped up on it to get a different angle. Players were jacked up and drinking water out of the wooden trophy, then Tyler Nelson got a hold of it. As a photographer I knew that Tyler Nelson can expolde in a raging ball of anger or happiness, and in some rare cases both and that is just what happened here. I was up on a bench looking down my viewfinder at this crazy eyed All-American football player knowing that I was getting one of the best shots I could ever get, and it is all thanks to you Tyler Nelson. -Jake Crandall
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The homecoming assembly had just ended, and Emily Frye had be crowned 2011 Homecoming queen. All of the candidates, their families and friends were gathered toward the end of the field. The emotion being exhibited by everyone was incredible, and I knew I’d get some fun photos of everyone, but I especially wanted one of Emily after her win. I saw Liz walking up to Emily; I knew Emily and Liz were good friends and the emotion was still fresh for both of them, so I decided to take advantage of the moment and capture their embrace. They ended up having a very sweet moment. -Anna Danciger 
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Despite the somewhat serious nature of this event, this was one of the happiest groups of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting.  They completely welcomed me into their gathering, and would periodically pose for me.  They refused to be negative in spite of Natalie’s cancer, and as a result, this was probably the most I’ve ever been inspired while shooting.  The pastor was laughing throughout his entire head-shaving, and anyone would have known that he didn’t care at all about his hair, and that he simply wanted to show his support for Natalie.  -Brendan Dulohery 
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