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Blog: Signing for Singing

I apologize ahead of time for the subject matter of this blog. I know you’ve already heard me rant about college in several blogs before this. But I’m a senior. What do you expect?As the winter approaches more and more of my peers are committing to colleges for athletics. Just last week, a good friend of mine told me she finally decided that she was going to play softball. She nonchalantly mentioned it in passing.

“Oh, by the way, I verbally committed to Colorado School of Mines last night,” she told me, like it was no big deal.

I’m happy for her. Don’t get me wrong. But it makes me green with envy. I’m average at just about everything. Academics. Music. And, maybe a little below average when it comes to sports.

A few days ago my choir director from Mission Valley, Dr. Joe Netto (Dr. J), came to visit us in Choraliers. Since Mission Valley closed, he had gotten a job as the Choir Director at Ottawa University, a school of about 600 students that is 45 minutes away from here. That’s about 1400 students less than East.

Let me begin by saying I am not a small-school person. Been there, done that, didn’t like it. I’ve known all my life I would go to a big university after high school and be one of tens of thousands of students that attends said school. But when Dr. J started talking about scholarships for choir students, I wished I was a small school person.

He is offering scholarships to students who will be in choir at Ottawa. They don’t have to be a music major. They don’t have to do anything but be in choir. And they get money for that. I could go around to my athletic friends who have already committed saying, “Oh, yeah, I signed for choir.”

But unfortunately, I can’t. Because not only am I a big school person. I also need to be at least an hour away from home.

It’s things like this that make me wish I’m an athlete. But thanks to my short stature and lack of motivation in that spectrum, I’m not. And I guess that’s partly my own fault. But singing can be a sport, right?

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