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Between football practice and Facebook stalking, the average teenager doesn’t have the time or culinary capability to make a gourmet meal. Here are some quick and easy recipes that are more delicious and filling than Cheerios or Easy Mac.

This Italian recipe is so easy, the spray-tan-happy cast of Jersey Shore could make it. First, you mix 3/2 cups of heavy cream and the juice from one lemon in a pan over low heat, and then add 6 tablespoons of unsalted butter. While this is all melting and mixing, cook your pasta in a separate pot for about four minutes. Once the Fettuccine is done, drain the pasta and add it to the mixture. Finally, add a cup of freshly grated Parmesan cheese and stir until it’s thick and thoroughly mixed. Eat and savor the flavor of your sauce that’s as fresh as Pauly D’s hairdo.

Salad is notoriously bland. For some reason, munching on leaves just isn’t appealing to most teenagers. But one can only consume so many cheeseburgers and greasy foods, so wash some lettuce and prepare a healthy salad. First, chop the lettuce into fine strips, keeping the knife blade parallel to the head of the lettuce. The thinner the strips, the crunchier the salad. Then slice up some some carrots and red peppers to add some extra flavor and crunch. Don’t forget to smother it in ranch dressing and throw in some snap peas.

First the Eiffel Tower, and now this toast; those French people are geniuses. Step one is simple; mix two eggs, a splash of milk and a few pinches of cinnamon sugar in a bowl. After this is ready, dip the bread into the bowl and let it absorb the mixture. Next, put the bread on the frying pan and let it cook for three to four minutes, or until golden brown, then flip it. Finally, you’re ready to feast. But before you do, drizzle some syrup and dump some powdered sugar on to maximize the sweetness. Bon appetit!

This bacon sandwich is delicious enough to turn even the most devoted vegetarian into a meat-crazed monster. What’s the secret to packing so much flavor into such a little sandwich? Bacon grease. By cooking the bacon first, you’re left with a pan full of delicious-smelling grease that’s perfect for cooking your egg in. Whether you prefer to fry your egg or scramble it, the grease will make it super savory. The last step is the bread. Spread some butter on it before setting it to sizzle in the grease. Allow it turn golden brown before putting together your sandwich.

1. Fill the bottom of your pan with canola oil and put it on the stove

2.Wrap fresh mozzerella sticks in Asian wonton wrappers, making sure the wrappers cover all the cheese

3. Set the wrappers in the oil and fry until golden

1.Thinly slice two whole apples keeping the knife parellel to the core at all times so the slices are circular

2. Set the slices on a plate and drizzle on chocolate and caramel sauce

3. Top it off by sprinkling chocolate chips and pretzle bits on

1. Melt chocolate chips and crush graham crackers and place each in separate, shallow bowls

2. Dip the marshmallows in the chocolate, then roll them around in the graham cracker bits

3. Set them on a plate and stick a toothpick in for easy serving

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