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Next Year’s Chamber Choir Announced

After hours of auditions, the chamber choir list was posted before the spring concert last night. Eighteen new members will join six returning members next year.

“It’s always a tough thing because we have so many good people,” choir director Ken Foley said. “I’m really excited about next years group. It’s a fantastic group of people and […] the whole process went very well. People worked really hard to prepare for the auditions so they could do a good job, and it just makes our groups better. It’s fun to have a new group every year to start over with.”

The 2013-2014 Chamber Choir:

Alec Armer

Justin Armer

Bridgette Beasley

Adam Bowles

Cameron Carollo

Merit Christensen

Abby Cramer

Austin Dalgleish

Jack Furstner

Madelaine Heigle

Clara Martin

Michael Moedritzer

Peter Morgan

Liz Orr

Colin Peck

Maddie Roberts

Rob Simpson

Will Simpson

Abby Sweeney

Sally Sweeney

Elena Wickstrom

Stephanie Wilcox

Erin Wilkins

Isaac Young

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