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News Briefs Issue 5



The California Pizza Kitchen location in Park Place permanently closed its doors to customers on Sunday, Oct. 8. The well-known restaurant notified the general public with a note taped to the door only stating its departure and did not disclose a reason for shutting down.

This is the second location in the area to shut down, the first being the Country Club Plaza location in 2014. The only California Pizza Kitchen left in the area is located inside the Kansas City International Airport.

“My family used to go the one on the Plaza every year around Christmas which became a tradition for us,” junior Hannah Phillips said. “Then we started going to the one in Park Place so we were super disappointed when we heard it closed.”

While several restaurants at the Country Club Plaza have come and gone through the years, the open space in Park Place is hopeful for a soon replacement due to its prominent location.

“We are hoping to get another restaurant or retailer in the space as soon as possible,” General Manager of Park Place Kelly Barton said. “Since California Pizza Kitchen left Oct. 8, we just started marketing for that spot.”



Netflix is slowly falling deeper in debt in an effort to gain more viewers, while still defending its position as a leading top-tier streaming service. As of Sept. 30, Netflix has totaled their long-term debt and other obligations to $21.9 billion, which is $5.1 billion more than this time last year.

In order to provide its viewers with their popular Netflix Originals like House of Cards, Stranger Things and The Crown, Netflix has had to borrow several billion dollars. However, each of these shows has helped its service more than triple in reaching out to the global audience during the past four years.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings explains the reasoning behind spending money for TV series in an interview with Peter Kafka from Recode.

“We have chosen to do serialized entertainment because you get into a show and then you get excited and addicted by it,” Hastings said. “Binge-viewing is a very novel thing that we pioneered.”

Nonetheless, all of the allegations regarding Netflix going bankrupt are found to be untrue. Netflix has remained profitable, with the company earning $130 million on $3 billion in revenue in its latest quarter, leaving the company in a position for prolonged success despite the debt.



At 6:02 on the morning of Oct. 23, 316 students gathered in the cafeteria to celebrate the 23rd annual Mole Day.

The mole is a unit in chemistry that is equivalent to 6.02 x 10^23. It is used to convert very small numbers of molecules in a substance to numbers that are easier to use in calculations. This number is the reason behind this early morning full of activities and celebration for chemistry students and faculty, which has been a tradition at East for 22 years.

“The group of Chem 2 kids this year really sold the enthusiasm,” Chemistry Teacher Jerrod Bardwell said. “They did a bunch of stuff that we have never done before like making a tunnel for all the Chem One students which got them pretty excited.”

Students who came to the event were welcomed into a cafeteria full of donuts, bagels and several mole-themed activities such as Molesical Chairs, The Electron Toss, Whac-A-Mole, Molevengers Bowling and The Mole Toss.

“It was nice because they had food to eat so you didn’t have to worry about making breakfast at 5:30 in the morning,” sophomore and Chemistry One student Emme Tucker said. “They also had Whac-A-Mole so you could get all your anger our whacking people in the head.”

As a reward for getting up early, students also earned 6.02 points of extra credit in the class for attending the event.


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