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New York Fashion Week Recap

Another New York Fashion week has passed, debuting the clothing for this spring. As an avid follower of fashion, this season had me on the edge of my bed ( because I was live streaming all the shows… obviously). This year’s shows made great strides towards diversity. Zac Posen’s show was almost exclusively women of color, Eckhaus Latta and Hood by Air changed the game with models of all ages, shapes and sizes and Rihanna’s line: Fenty for Puma promoted diversity as well. There is still a long way to go, but I hope this start is continued on in the European shows. The talk of the town is Kylie Jenner. Whether it be Kylie’s line with Kendall Jenner, to being front row at every major show, she is making her way into the fashion world whether we like it or not.

Throughout the Kardashian-craze, push towards diversity and other stunts, the one thing that remains important is the fashion. This year we had a range of looks from street-style comfort to ankle breaking platforms. This is me, being a little opinionated and sharing the styles that deserve to be trends because they stopped me dead-in-my-tracks.

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  1. Eckhaus Latta Serving the “Layered Baddy On the Go, Who Also Likes to be Extra” look

Eckhaus Latta is known for taking simple things like knit wear and turning it up a notch.
The intricate layers with simple cut-outs to keep it fresh gives fashion exactly what we need this next season. The creme color is something that will look good on anyone. This is casual but also still serves a look.

     2. Marchesa serving “Eve Breaking all the Rules in the Garden of Eden”

Everyone knows that for beautiful gowns that are one of a kind, no one comes close to the evening wear empire: Marchesa. Every season I think that there is no way they will out-do themselves and yet they do. Marchesa always does a perfect job of dancing on the line between femininity and being risqué. I hope to see this fairy goddess trend continued in the European shows.


  1.  Anna Sui giving me “Platform Cowgirl on the Prairie”

As far as this look goes, I’m not smitten with it because it’s too busy. Although, I did enjoy the country western themes throughout the show as a whole, and how the wild platforms were mixed in. We had four inch boot platforms, these multicolored sliders and it just left me wanting more. If you are craving your own 90’s platform moment, head over to and get yourself a pair of outrageous shoes.

  1. DKNY giving me the “Yes, This Shirt is a Dress, and I’m Wearing Skin Tight Boot-Babe Look”

Obviously the T-shirt dress took over the nation last year, but leave it to DKNY to revamp it. The oversized white button down, or sweatshirt turned into a dress, was seen in other shows like Rag and Bone, and I am living for it. Pairing it with skin tight boots, which have been done in the past by Dior, takes it from casual to edgy and sexy. DKNY has made the boots wearable by removing the heel aspect that Dior has.

  1. Hood by Air & DKNY with “Is it Raining, Because I Still Look Boss”

Hood by Air always has something out there in their shoes, and this year they made dope raincoats that I would want to wear when the sun is shining. Another theme they had this collection was having different statements on their clothing. This coat sports “wench,” which I often feel like, so I vibed with this coat on a whole nother level. DKNY has more of a street-wear raincoat, giving us all kinds of options to rock this elevated every-day item.


Hood By Air

  1. Sally LaPointe serving “Yes I am Wearing a Corset Over My Dress”

Usually waist trainers, corsets and spanks are under an outfit, hiding our underlying yearn for the slim thick body. Now that this trend is out in the open and people are obsessed with waist training, designers took this and ran with it. The theme of corsets and waist tighteners were seen in Eckhaus Latta, Tibi, Misbhv and I’m loving this layering moment. This takes a trend that shape-shifts our bodies behind the scenes, and brings it out in the open for the world.

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