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New Turf Fields at East


The baseball field is undergoing construction to switch from grass to turf fields. The work has been going on since June of this summer.

The construction involves leveling the field, putting in backstops and then installing turf.

The switch from turf to field was prompted by a community bond that was passed. Part of the bond was to update the facilities. It was also timed to coincide with the rest of the school’s construction.

According to junior baseball player Zeb Vermillion the change was long overdue. He said the grass, along with the weeds that accompanied it, would cause the ball to take odd bounces and also made the field look untidy.

“It’ll save a lot of time,” said Vermillion, “We would have field work days spent taking care of field maintenance.”

He says that the only drawback to having turf fields is that after practicing on turf, it will make playing games at the 3&2 fields harder because of the dirt. The two surfaces play differently so the change could be a difficult adjustment.

Athletic Director Kelli Kurle says the switch to turf will also allow sports like softball and soccer to practice here instead of off campus.

“Once it is finished [the fields] will be fantastic,” said Kurle, “We have the ability to have four different sports practice on the turf, all of the PE classes can also use it and we won’t lose practice to rain. It’ll be amazing.”

The projected date of when the fields will be ready is unknown, but they will be done before the spring baseball season.  

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