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New Transfer Students Policies

Ranging from grades to attendance, new policies involving transfer students have been announced for the upcoming year.

When it comes to grades, transfer students are required to hold no less than a C in all of their classes on quarterly grade reports. With almost 200 transfer students at East, the new policies are designed to make sure students are here to learn and are not transferring just because their friends are here, according to Principal Haney. Transfer students will only be allowed to miss ten days of school the previous school year. If someone applies for a transfer, the administration wants to make sure they are not missing excessive amounts of school. Students who do not meet these guidelines will be asked to return to their area school.

Missing ten days last semester alone, Caroline Mills, a freshman transfer student from North, got nervous when all the transfer students were called into a meeting during seminar a few weeks back where they announced the new policies to the students.

“I think they (new policies) make sense and I get why they are a thing, but it also kind of nerve racking,” said Mills.“I am just worried that you might make a mistake and not mean to and get kicked out of the school. ”

Applying for a transfer at Highlands Elementary instead of attending her area elementary school,  Sante Fe Trail, was how Mills found her way into the East area. Her parents looked at the test scores from the separate schools and chose to apply for a transfer.

“‘The student must demonstrate regular attendance habits’ is what the district guideline is,” Assistant Principal Haney said. “I think that if they were sick for a specific reason then we could get documentation from the doctor and we would go from there.”

These new policies will not be in full effect until the end of the current semester.

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