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New Pack of PALS Leaders Announced

The new Pack of PALS leaders were  announced this weekend at the farewell  picnic at Harmon Park. PALS is a group that  pairs special education students with regular education students through fun activities such as bowling and ice skating.  While eating hotdogs and brownies, the sponsor of the group, Susie Popplewell, announced the new students leaders for next year. These leaders were selected after an in-person interview and after demonstrating their abilities to work with special education students.

The four new  leaders are: Parker Johnson, Will Cray, Grace Cantril and Riley Hunter. They will be in charge of coordinating the PALS events and activities for the upcoming school year. Although it is a lot of responsibility, junior Parker Johnson feels that this will pay off in the end.

“I’m most looking forward to the Power Play event because it’s always the most fun,” Johnson said. “It’s cool because next year I will get to be in charge of it.”

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