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New Mission Road Construction


The Prairie Village City council recently approved a plan that will cut Mission Road to three lanes north of 75th street, in between East and the Prairie Village Shops. The construction will be creating a center turn lane, in between a northbound lane and a southbound lane. The plan, with the goal of making walks safer, adds a six-foot wide sidewalk on both sides of the road.

“I think the construction will be kind of annoying,” senior Jack Tyler said. “There was nothing wrong with the road in the first place. Why change it?”

The construction will take multiple months to complete. The plan will also be adding $150,000 worth of benches, lamp posts and chairs. When voting on the plan, the city council approved unanimously, despite the high price.

“I personally like the idea,” sophomore Matt Hogan said. “It’ll make the road much safer once completed, and I like the idea of huge sidewalks so we can walk with ease.”

The city council’s hope is that the project will cost between $500,000 and $1 million. The construction is said to be completed sometime in 2016.


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