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New Clubs at East


From critiquing Vine videos to splatter-painting murals to striking a tree pose, there is something for everyone at East. These three are just a few examples of activities students can participate in at the new clubs here.

Vine Club

Founded by seniors Maddie Mann and Audrey Dickens, Vine Club meets every Monday in room 411. They form a community where Viners are free to discuss the importance of the Vine app in the world.

“I think it’s more fun and important [than other clubs] because with this generation the social media apps are rising.” Mann said. “This is one where people can actually become famous.”

Vine Club was first formed by the founding members when they both agreed Vine was a lost form of social media. Since they’ve had an average of four students come to each meeting since starting the second week of school, Mann hopes people will participate even if they can’t come to every meeting. Along with watching famous Vines found by browsing the app, they all want members to make their own.

I think we’re going to have weekly contests” Mann said. “So like one week could be like ‘the funniest vine’ and we can choose from actual Vine stars or we can choose someone from East.”

By planning to elect junior class reps, they hope to keep the club going even after they graduate.

Yoga Club

Another up-and-coming activity is Yoga Club, started again by senior Isabel Bur. The club was originally started when Bur was a freshmen but ended because the leader graduated. Burs was determined to change that, despite her lack of experience.

“I’ve done yoga a few times but i’m definitely not good at it” Bur said. “I think we’re going to start out with YouTube videos.”

Although not fully sponsored yet, Yoga Club plans to meet Thursday mornings before school in the wrestling room. The benefits of morning meetings rival those of drinking coffee, according to Bur.

I think it will wake you up” Bur said. “I’m always super tired and I’m not a morning person, so hopefully this will help with that.”

Although they haven’t had their first meeting yet, they hope to have it soon. Yoga Club plans to advertise through video announcements once they get the club started.

Random Club

Another addition to East’s extracurriculars is Random Club, founded by freshmen Aakriti Chaturvedi and Ashley Grills. At first, the pair knew they wanted to start a club, but didn’t have any outstanding ideas.

At first we had one called Track Bounce. We could just bounce a ball back and forth on the track” Grills said.

Another initial idea for the club was to cook challenging meals.

We were actually going to do a cooking club, but we got turned down by Ms. Able.” added Chaturvedi.

Finally they decided on Random Club, making the point to have the members do something different each meeting every Monday. Once they figured out the details, they began to brainstorm ideas and came up with things like making nachos one meeting and watching Netflix the next.

It’s for everyone who’s bored after school.” Chaturvedi said. “You don’t have to be included every time; you just come for fun. We want people who are willing to try new things”

After only two meetings, the girls are hopeful the successful turnout of about 20 students grows. The purpose of the first meeting was to come up with ideas, and during the second meeting they began just one of many projects they will be involved with this year. The mural they painted during their second meeting can be found hanging in the library.

Now East students have more ways to express themselves before or after school.

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