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While he has an Instagram and Twitter, freshman Jonah Watt never saw the reason to get a Facebook. He feels that it really isn’t the safest social media website, having heard stories about people getting in trouble for what they’ve posted and commented.

Even though Watt has stayed away from Facebook, he does have a Twitter and an Instagram. He prefers Twitter over Instagram and checks it six or seven times a day. He finds it more informative and entertaining than Instagram

“I think it’s more fun to look at people’s tweets,” Watt said, “Some are funny and some are serious, but for me personally, I usually only tweet once or twice per week.”

Even though he does have multiple social media accounts and actively uses Twitter and Instagram, Watt doesn’t consider himself too much of a “social media guy.” He believes there is a lot of unnecessary drama that is started on them but he still doesn’t see himself never deleting any of his accounts anytime soon.

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Junior Becca Pfeifauf has a Twitter, Facebook and an Instagram. She checks Facebook usually once per day and checks Twitter often, but she rarely weets. Overall Instagram is her social media app of choice.

“I like [Instagram] the most because Twitter is so repetitive,” Pfeifauf said. “Instagram is more personal and you can follow people you know and see what they are doing. I love stalking people, especially people’s vacation pictures.”

Pfeifauf is also an avid user of Snapchat. She Snapchats constantly and also enjoys the app’s latest update because it’s no longer just other people’s snapchat stories. Under a new section called “Discover,” there is a list of news sources like CNN, People, ESPN, Cosmopolitan and National Geographic. Each can be clicked on and presents a wide variety of information and video stories. She says it’s like her own personal magazine on her phone, and she uses it all the time.

Jeff Madison

Senior Jeff Madison has a Facebook, but doesn’t really spend that much time on it. He typically checks it to keep up with people’s pictures and birthdays. He says he isn’t big on social media, but he isn’t sure if it’s because he doesn’t like it, or if it’s the result of not having a good phone for downloading apps.

“I have the iPhone eight,” said Madison, “I call it that because it’s eight years old. Because I have an eight year old dumbphone, instead of a smartphone, I have to use the family iPad.”

He says that people tell him to get an Instagram and Twitter all the time. He admits one day he will probably give in and make an account, but as of right now, Madison says he is not ready to take those next steps into the world of social media because it is such a hassle for him to check.

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