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My Sister Says…She Likes My Friends



A good friend accepts you for the laughs and the cries, the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly. But a great friend accepts you and your sister for all of these. They won’t choose sides – except when I am obviously right. They won’t rat you out to your sister. And they will love you both equally.

It truly is a miracle that Anna and I have mutual friends. It takes a special kind of person to be able to put up with one of us, let alone both of us. To all those friends who have had to mediate a fight between me and Anna – I’m so sorry for the yelling and name-calling you were put through, and thank you for not loving us any less for it.

To that time Anna was wearing my shirt and I yelled at her across the hallway for it, and you calmed me down with “I’m sorry that is really annoying” and then proceeded to tell Anna not steal my clothes without asking, thank you.

To that time we were sitting in Chipotle scarfing down burritos and Anna and I began arguing over whose page design in The Harbinger was better and you cut in with, “you guys are dumb, they both looked good”, thank you.

And to the time that I cried to you about how much I hated Anna for simply being my obnoxious little sister and you reminded me how much I still loved her, thank you.

Despite all the fights and all the name calling, there’s nothing I love more than watching Mean Girls and playing Cards Against Humanities with all my friends, including my little sister. So thank you for being brave enough to hang out with us both.

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