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My Sister Says…It’s Time for Easter Traditions


The jelly bean trails and chocolate bunnies have descended upon us. The golden egg with the illustrious $20 bill has been found and days later Anna is still bitter she didn’t find it. We’ve finally gone to church for the first time this year and our sins have officially been repented. It’s Easter, that special time of year when kids are allowed to consume as much sugar as their stomachs can hold — as long as they promise not to crash before brunch with Grandma is over.

After 17 Easter celebrations, I’ve observed that my family’s Easter Sundays seem to follow a similar pattern. The infamous Easter bunny scatters a grocery cart worth of candy throughout the house, the church service seems never ending — but you remind yourself you won’t be here again until Christmas — and that after all these years you’ve memorized your answers to Grandma’s questions at brunch. No, I don’t know what my plans are for college — or the rest of my life for that matter — and yes, I had a great time in St. Thomas over spring break.

With our matching pink robes and bed head hair, what could be cuter? At five and six-years-old, the Easter Bunny was like God to us, I mean he brought little eggs full of jelly beans and chocolate. Anna was so happy she literally held her egg up in triumph.

Too many pictures have been taken in front of the infamous bunnies on the plaza to count. 2005’s were especially cute in our matching pink blazers and black Mary Jane’s. Even better was that it wasn’t snowing, like it was this year. Some years pictures were more successful than others. Mom and Dad never knew which one of us was going to refuse to smile, until we were promised a basket full of candy waiting for us at home.


Isn’t Anna just the cutest? With her bangs, Easter sweater and seemingly innocent smile, you’ve got to love her, right? Wrong. Jesus may have died so I could be forgiven for my sins, but I’m still mad at Anna for pulling my hair and stealing my clothes. I call this look the “let’s pretend you’re in a good mood” look. I promise you moments after this picture she proceeded to have a temper tantrum about who knows what.

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