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My Life with Tics: My Two Hour Schedule

It’s the fourth week of school, and I’m already staying at home for the majority of each day. How on earth am I already missing this much school? Why does my Tourettes act up so much the second I go to my third class?

Every time I leave school because of my tics, I can’t help thinking of all the people at my high school. They have problems too. A lot of them probably have worse problems than mine: Legs that can’t carry them, brains that give them havoc, muscles that hardly work. These young men and women have much bigger problems than making a couple of noises in class. And yet, they don’t give up. They stay in school the whole day. They don’t wimp out like me.

If only I could be as strong as them. But I just feel uncomfortable in my own skin. If I screech, I’ll make my classmates lose their train of thought. They won’t think I’m a freak because they’re my friends. But they’ll still notice. Plus, how am I supposed to read a darn thing if I can’t keep my eyes open for five whole seconds?

Home. Home is peaceful. Home is soundproof. Home is relaxing. There’s no papers to write, or notes to take. Home is tic-less.

I have to go home.

I go to the nurse’s office. She asks me if I want to lay down. I say “yes.” But I know I’ll end up going home.

Home is my paradise.

So I’ll go to two classes a day, which I get to choose. Then I’ll come home, to paradise.

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Scotty Burford

Son of Christ. Family Man. Geek. These three phrases are my priorities in life. I'm just your everyday kid who happens to have Tourettes Syndrome. I've got the best friends and family anyone could ask for. I've been blessed with a mind wired for technology. I'm a Apple, Google, and Android fan (in that order). I enjoy sharing my opinion, and I usually don't care what people think of me for doing so. I plan on going to K-State next year to major in Journalism. EMAW and ... Read Full »

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