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In a world where french fries, in one form or another, are offered on virtually every menu, it may Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 2.54.04 PMbe difficult to identify the best set of spuds. With this in mind, I’ve created a guide to four of the best offerings in Kansas City.

McDonald’s – The Golden Standard

McDonald’s takes the cake when it comes to the best overall presentation and french fried experience. Widely available, affordable ($1 for the small size) and familiar to all, McDonald’s fries are often imitated, rarely equaled and consistently outstanding, whether purchased in Odessa or Ontario. Not only can they be purchased on practically every street corner, but they taste the same everywhere. Fried in a closely guarded exclusive 6t mix of canola, soybean, and corn oils until they reach their trademark golden brown, McDonald’s fries are the epitome of reproducible quality control: consistent taste, color, shape, texture, aroma, and portion size. These fries are made with just the right amount of salt and grease, a combination that guarantees a harmonious and heavenly experience again and again.

The Westside Local –  An Urban Twist

The Westside Local brings a twist on the classic fry to the table. Their only location is near the Power & Light district, but the commute is well worth it. The parmesan and parsley fries are
nearly unequaled in the world of French fried potatoes. These fries are crispy and adequately seasoned with parmesan cheese, salt and parsley. When looking to broaden your French-fried horizons, a trip to The Westside Local is sure to please. If heaven was food, it would most definitely be in the form of these parmesan offerings.

Winstead’s – Plain Jane

Winstead’s fries are commonly taken for granted, even ignored. But if you took a minute to think about what you are throwing into your mouth after a Friday night football game, you might recognize the ingenuity behind these fried taters. Winstead’s french fries are a prime example of the beauty of simplicity: thick-cut potatoes without seasoning, not even salt. Their girth does not interfere with the satisfying crispiness of an ideal French fry, but only gives you more fluffy potato inside to enjoy.  Despite their lack of seasoning and panache, Winstead’s finds their own way of creating extraordinary fries through perfecting the ordinary.


BRGR’s fries are a brilliant take on the classic shoestring fried potato. Similar to McDonald’s, maybe even surpassing them in overall quality, but not value, they are thin-cut and seasoned with the perfect amount of salt. These fries are crispier than McDonald’s and have more real potato flavor and aroma, both pleasantand desirable qualities in a premium fry.  

While all potatoes are created equal, French fries are, without question, are the reigning kings in the world of taters. Each and every brown vegetable growing underneaththe earth aspires to become this delectably fried creation: to send all those who consume it into a state of greasy, salty Nirvana.

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