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Music Concert at Village Church

Sam Singer

On Friday, March 6, Shawnee Mission East Coalition will be publicizing and supporting another concert at Village Presbyterian Church.

The artists performing is Sam Burchfield. From Seneca California, Burchfield blends blues rock, funk and folk to create his sound. The concert is from 7 to 9 p.m. and is free but donations are accepted. He has gained recognition over the years after releasing his EP in February of last year and appearing on American Idol.

“Village church actually approached us about it because they saw how successful the Love 146 concert  has been in the past,” senior Carolyn Wassmer said. “They just wanted as many people as possible there, and offered to make a donation to Love 146. It’s just another opportunity to get kids involved to help support a great cause.”

The goal for the concert is to raise money for the organization Love 146, which is a human rights organization on ending child trafficking and exploitation. Love 146 is an organization that Coalition often works with.

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