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A year ago Sophomore Harper Mundy was sitting on her blue and white striped bedspread, laid against the lavender colored pillow with her song journal in one hand and a pencil in another. She scribbled the lyrics onto the paper, vigorously jotting down her emotions.

Her room is her safe place. The place she goes to be herself. Not the girl at school who would sit with the “popular” girls at lunch to fit in or the girl who would buy the newest pair of Lululemon leggings just so she felt like every other 15-year-old girl. This room was one of her only spots where she felt confident. That is, until she discovered herself and found confidence through music.

“Being able to share something I’m really passionate about, and having people around me that share the same interests that I do makes it easier to be myself,” Mundy said. “It’s definitely boosted my confidence.”

Besides being involved in musicals in middle school Mundy hadn’t expressed her deep passion for music until she performed in the Love146 concert. Staring at the sea of faces singing along to “Water Under the Bridge” by Adele, Mundy felt a sense of relief because she found where she wanted to be.

Little did she know the concert would bring birth of her new band “The Basics,” which is comprised of kids from other schools and youth groups. Unlike many of bands at a high school level they perform original songs instead of covers. Mundy has written six songs which she plans to share in August 2016.

“Ever since Harper was little she’s been influenced by music because of our parents,” Harper’s sister Asia Mundy said. “I’d be in my room and hear a song playing from my playlist or our parents in her room.”

As the only girl in an all boys band, she has found herself able to confide in them and bring a sense of closeness. Through “The Basics” she’s found people she can confide in. When a tragedy comes up like her grandma dying, the boys would comfort her which is reassuring for her.

“Being with them has made me grow into a stronger person,” said Harper.
Now she finds herself sitting on the blue and white striped bedspread, laid back against the lavender colored pillow with a journal in hand. While the lyrics were originally about her struggles and not fitting in. Now she writes of the confident Harper she has become through music.

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