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Mr.Muhammad preparing to drop second album

Photo by Kaitlyn Stratman 

Just over a month after the release of his album “The Hanging Trees,” David Muhammad is planning to drop his next line of work out to the public. This time, Muhammad isn’t creating an album. Instead, he’s dropping a mixtape. Different from a normal album, a mixtape is a number of different songs with various artists and types of music. They are usually made to create hype for an upcoming album or just to spread word of a rapper.

Muhammad raps about the social aspect of our country: the race differences, education, etc. His first single dropped in early 2016 on Spotify, where it has received over two thousand views. Since then he has released his first mixtape, “Construction Paper,” and his first album, “The Hanging Trees.”

Even though he hasn’t sold as many albums as he would’ve liked or gotten enough streams, he’s happy with where is work is going.

“I’m definitely happy with the experience,” Muhammad said. “What I have enjoyed is people being surprised, in a good way, with the quality of my work.”

His upcoming mixtape features a variety of former and current students, both rappers and producers, who he is calling the “The Poor Righteous Students.” Senior Jackson Ceule is one of the many who will be working with Muhammad. He feels that the variety of music within the album from the students will set a certain tone for the mixtape.

“I think getting a more diverse crowd, in terms of schools will help pass the message,” Ceule said. “Having students with different styles of music, whether it’s producing, rapping or singing, might draw attention to many different listeners.

Muhammad is planning on dropping his mixtape, which he will call “The School Daze Project,” around spring break. By using social issues as his main focus, he is hoping using students in his songs will help spread his message even further.

“I think good music should be relevant and speak to the culture,” Muhammad said. “The students have connections to so many more people and it spreads the word about the art.”

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