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Once upon a time, Kyle Little, Nathan Goldman, and Kaevan Tavakolinia formed a band. The band was to be called Mr. Fish, and it was to be the greatest band in the world. They finally got together to play some songs, and… they kinda sucked. HOWEVER, with the addition of Paul Tilson, they… still kinda sucked. They had no drums. This is where Tyler Kelly comes in. Incredible drummer, though only about 5 feet tall (Tyler would like us to mention that he has since grown, though he will always be 5 feet tall in our hearts…), Tyler was called upon to join Mr. Fish. When they all got together, a mighty sound was to be heard, but something was missing. Fish Friend was the last member to join the group, and with his mighty sax of doom and beloved pet manatee Sparkles, he brought the group’s sound together once and for all. But sadly, this lineup could not remain forever. Paul Tilson’s fingers were nibbled off by a wild band of badger warriors. Unable to play his instrument, Paul sadly departed, leaving keyboard duties to Fish. By a strange twist of fate, Paul’s fingers grew back the next day, but still he did not return to the ranks of Mr. Fish.

Live at Bunch of Bands 2010, the band received third place for their performance.

Mr. Fish released their first studio album, “Soft Serve Assault” (listen below) in 2008, and they’ve been featured in the top three of several East Battle of the Bands. They continue to play concerts and local performances. To contact, please e-mail them at

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