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MORP Preview


MORP, which is “prom” spelled backward, is an annual school dance and will be held tonight from 7:30-10 in the cafeteria. The student council (STUCO) is organizing the event. All proceeds from the $10 tickets benefit the Johnson County Christmas Bureau, which helps underprivileged families in the area.

Every year STUCO puts work into choosing themes, decorating the cafeteria and spreading the word about MORP so the students can have a great time. STUCO secretary, senior Taylor Sawalich, has been very involved in promoting MORP.

“We have been using social media to our advantage this year to spread the word about MORP,” Sawalich said. “We made posters and then posted pictures of them on Twitter and Instagram.”

Though MORP is a school dance, it is very different from  homecoming and prom because you don’t have to dress up formally. This year’s theme is Halloween. Also, it is not custom to go with dates to MORP. Most people will just go with groups of friends. In essence, it is the opposite of prom, and sophomore Gabby Troup enjoyed it more than the other school dances.

“I thought [MORP last year] was much more fun that homecoming ,” Troup said. “With homecoming and prom you feel pressured to have a date but with MORP you don’t. You just go with friends and it’s really relaxed.”

The theme for the dance changes every year. Last year the theme was 50’s sock hop, and according to Troup, most students went all out for the dance buying clothes from Savers and painting their faces. Troup loves the costumes at MORP; she thinks it just makes the whole evening more fun and less stressful because there isn’t pressure to look nice.

“Last year, we all went to my friends house before and we were taking fun pictures of us all in our costumes and that was a lot fun,” Troup said. “This year, I’m going with some of the same people and so we are going to try and get the same pictures with the same poses but with our different costumes.”

Normally the dance follows an East football game. However, this year it’s all about the Royals at the World Series, so students will be able to watch the game while dancing with their friends.



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