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East parents Molly Snyder and Reggie Britt sold their vending machine franchise at East and other schools on Jan. 15 to Allied Refreshments vending company. Britt and Snyder decided to sell their franchise of HUMAN vending machines because they felt too much physical stress and an overbearing time commitment. Snyder feels that East is in good hands with Allied Refreshments, a local, family-owned business.

“We met with several potential buyers, but we chose them because of their history with school vending,” Snyder said.

When Joe Strada, the General Manager of Allied Refreshments, heard that East was in need of a new vending machine company, he was interested in supplying to a Kansas school – especially since Allied Refreshments primarily serviced Missouri schools. Strada is confident in Allied Refreshments’ ability to provide even better service to East.

“It’s the simple fact that we’ve done it for so long and we’ve worked for so many schools that we know what their needs are,” Strada said.

Allied Refreshments, compared to HUMAN, provides newer equipment that ensures products won’t get stuck in the machine, and the technology is the most “up-to-date” vending technology available, taking credit cards and Apple Pay. The larger machines also allow for more products and a larger variety of products per machine.

“[The products] are just better,” sophomore Niles Heinlein said. “The machines don’t accidentally give you free food either.”

As for the food and drinks, Allied Refreshments purchases directly from wholesalers. This means that they can pick and choose what they sell from a vast selection of products. They are able to buy and sell items like Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and cereal.

East’s new machines will be serviced every single day as opposed to once or twice a week.

“Is it necessary? Maybe, maybe not,” Strada said. “But it’s showing that we’re there to make sure you guys don’t have any issues and make sure your guys’ machines are always filled.”

Another reason Snyder agreed to sell to Allied Refreshments is because she believes they follow in strict accordance with federal food laws. Since U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service imposed nutrition standards in 2012, schools have had specific criteria for all food sold in the school. Strada believes that all products currently in East’s vending machines are compliant with federal law.

“I feel that we know what we’re doing with the schools and now, with the new equipment and every day service, we’re going to be giving you better service than you were given before,” Strada said.


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