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Mission: Board Games Review



Photo by Elizabeth Anderson 

A quiet, quaint store in Mission holds four empty game tables and only one man–– the owner. Yet the walls burst with color from the stacks of Candyland, Monopoly, Clue and puzzles on the shelves. Behind those four tables sits a shelf full of open games ready to be played by customers visiting during store hours. The new store Mission Board Games, located off of Johnson Drive, opened in early December, but its presence isn’t known by many. Despite this, it has a big goal: put down electronics and bring back the popularity of board games.

Owner Mason Hans, with his swept over brown hair and scruffy beard, greets each customer with a friendly smile and hello. His zip-up jacket and jeans emphasize the laid back, openness of the store. He is constantly at the ready to give directions or strategy on games and to provide a place for fellow gamers to have a fun, competitive night.

Not only is it a standard game store, Mission Board Games is a place where I could bring friends to play a game of Monopoly on a Friday night. They host a Pokemon League, Board Game Night and tournaments featuring different games at the store during the weeknights. Ever since opening, attendance at the weekly events has climbed to 20-30 people who come to play or watch.

From children’s games to family games and from beginner to advanced players, the store offers a game for everyone. Even me, a not so great gamer.

For the more advanced players, Mission Board Games offers the classic games, modern board games such as Catan and “nerdy” board games such as Star Wars: Destiny. Mission Board Games is a great spot to find fellow gamers to compete with. As a beginner I was able to find and play easier level games such as Chutes and Ladders and work my way towards harder, more complex games while at the store. They even keep stock of the difficult game, Seafall, which retails for over $100. After leaving Mission Board Games, I could feel my fourth grade self’s board game juices flowing again.

Although I do love scrolling through Instagram to find cute pictures of my friends, I think putting my phone down to play board games instead could have many benefits. The store provides a place to go and meet new people without the notification dings and flash from the front facing camera. It allows for family game nights to resume, and it allows for future generations to bring back board games as their go-to for an enjoyable pastime.

If I’m ever needing a 21st century detox, I’d head back to Mission Board Games for a chance to exercise my brain and enjoy some of my favorite board games.


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